Pipe Inspection Services

Kimil Construction offers several state-of-the-art Pipe Inspection Services for commercial and industrial use.

Kimil Co. Crawler Camera System

kimil construction pipe inspection servicesKimil Co. uses the Envirosight Rover X system. This crawler camera system is portable and can be taken to any location to inspect pipelines wherever they may be. Our system has 1000’ of reach and can inspect all material drain pipes from 6”-72”. The system also is able to measure pipe slope with an onboard inclinometer. The rover also has a build in radio transmitter that can be used to precisely locate underground drain lines.

Maneuver Past Obstacles

pipe inspection service crawler camera system

  • Proportional steering to maximize agility.
  • Zero-degree turning for pivoting and traversing curved inverts.
  • Overlapping 6-wheel drive for climbing over offsets and debris.
  • Wheel tread and geometry optimized for superior traction and range.
  • Lightweight Kevlar cable poses minimal drag.

Crawler Camera Pipe Inspection Services


Standard Camera Pipe Inspection System

Kimil Co. uses Ridgid SeeSnake Brand cameras that can inspect pipes from 1 1/2” – 8”.  As a result, our cameras are able to record video in HD and can export videos.  In addition, the camera system has a built in radio transmitter to allow for precise locating of underground lines.

Kimil Construction is a full service commercial plumbing company.  Therefore, we provide all plumbing services from the ground up including underground site utilities as well as interior plumbing work.

Contact us for Pipe Inspection Services

If you would like to learn more about how Kimil Construction’s innovative crawler camera pipe inspection services can assist you, please contact us today at 716-893-3660.  Additionally, you can learn more about our crawler camera at the official website here.

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